What's New: 2/16/17

Apply Promotion on Payment Screen  New!

Previously, in order to apply a promotion or discount to an existing tenant, you would navigate to the tenant's account, click the Edit Rental button and then click the Apply Promotion button. Now the Apply Promotion button is available on the payment screen. Simply click the Payment or Pay Now button and you'll see the Apply Promotion button next to the Prepay button. Promos are applied on a per unit basis, so you will see the Apply Promotion button on each unit in the payment screen. 



Cancel Pending E-Sign Document  New!

When a tenant changes his mind or simply a mistake is made and a pending e-sign document needs to be cancelled, you can now go to the Communications section select the E-Sign tab and cancel that e-signature request. Cancelling the pending e-signature request will change the status from Pending to Cancelled and remove the E-Sign Needed notification from your task list. It will also deactivate the link in the email or text message the tenant originally received.


Ordering Documents for Move In, Move Out and Transfer  New!

You can now set the order that documents are presented to a tenant during the move in, move out or transfer process. Go to Settings and then click on the Documents and Emails button. In the Letters tab click the Set Template Order button to open an interface that allows you to arrange the documents in the order you'd like to present them to your tenants.

New User Permissions  New!

We've added several new options in user roles. You now have the ability to allow or restrict access to:

  • Manage the invoice billing period during the move in process - checking Change Invoice Billing Type in user roles will allow the user to overwrite the First of Month or Anniversary billing default setting during the move in process
  • Exempting tenants from tax on rent - checking Do not tax rent in user roles will give the user the option of not taxing rent on individual tenants
  • Exempting tenants from delinquency - checking Exempt delinquency on rent in user roles will give the user the option of making individual tenants exempt from delinquency



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