What's New: 2/14/17

Move-in Steps Re-ordered 

For a more intuitive process, the move-in Review step now comes before documents are prepared, allowing you to review all charges before a lease is generated. The + Tenant button you’re used to using for leads and move-ins will automatically take you through the new flow as follows: Lead, Move-in, Review, Documents, E-sign (if activated), Pay, Success!


Desired vs Actual Move-in Date

You now have the ability to capture both a desired move-in date and an actual move-in date.

The first Lead step of move-in where you previously entered a lead’s Desired move in date remains the same.

However, the Move-in step now includes a Move in date field that allows you to select a date that may differ from what you previously entered as your tenant's desired move-in date.

 Note: If the desired move-in date from the Lead step was in the past or future, this actual move-in date field will be pre-populated with today’s date and an info warning that the dates do not match.

Conversely, if your facility settings allow backdated move-ins and your lead’s desired move-in date was is in the past, this actual move-in date field will reflect the earlier date. 

Read more about Leads, Reservations and Move-ins in our full help article.


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