What's New: 3/7/17

  • Custom Security Deposits in Settings: You can now create custom security deposits within your Fees and Services Settings. After adjusting these settings, you can customize a tenant's security deposit amount during the move-in process.
  • New Document Replacements: We've added new text replacements in your document settings that you can use on lease agreements.

Customize Security Deposits in Settings

To allow custom security deposits at move-in or transfer, simply access your Fees and Services settings within the Settings tab in your software. Click Edit next to the SECURITY_DEPOSIT entry, and you'll see the new settings:


You now have the option to select Custom Fee. Once selected, you can enter a default fee and a maximum fee to be applied to unit rentals. Once you've set your new custom fee settings, your security deposit settings will now be labeled as custom. When hovering over the Custom link, details about the settings will appear.


Apply a custom security deposit at move-in

During the Review stage of move-in, you can easily customize a security deposit by clicking the security deposit amount. Simply enter your custom deposit amount, click Save, and the new deposit amount is applied.

Note: You can only customize the security deposit at move-in if you've previously set these standards in your Fees and Services settings.




You can now complete the move-in as usual.


Receiving Dashboard Notifications New!

We've improved the way you receive notifications of software updates, fixes, and changes. You'll still receive the dashboard notifications that you're accustomed to, but you can review a record of the most recent changes by clicking your initials in the top right corner of your software. Your initials will be highlighted if you have unread notifications.

To view your notifications, click your initials. A menu will appear with several options. Select What's New


A new window will open that will show you all the most recent notifications that have been sent. You can click the notifications to read the entire message.



New Document Replacements

We've added several replacements that you can use in your lease agreement:

  • + Has Store Insurance [[ledger.has_store_insurance]]: This replacement will include whether or not the tenant has purchased insurance during the move-in process into the document. If a tenant purchased insurance, it will say yes. If not, it will say no.
  • + Has Private Insurance [[ledger.has_private_insurance]]: This will pull information from move-in about whether or not you input that a tenant has purchased private rental insurance separately with a yes or no.
  • + Insurance Options Table [[ledger.insurance_options_table]]: This will place a table in your document of all insurance options at your facility with the tenant's insurance selected.
  • + Has Lock [[invoice.has_lock]]: This will pull information from the move-in process regarding whether or not a tenant purchased a lock from your facility.





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