What's New: 3/21/17

We've fixed some errors in your software, made improvements to your software's reports, and expanded your software's call pop-up feature.


The following reports have been improved:

  • The General Ledger by Day report is now subtotaled by day.
  • The Rent Rates by Tenant Report includes subtotals by unit group and a grand total.
  • The Autopay roll now includes the total number of tenants who are enrolled in autopay.
  • Now, when you print a tenant's ledger, the tenant's name and unit number now appear in the report's header.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • The issue concerning Past Due email and SMS messages being sent on the day the invoice was due rather than the day after the invoice was due has been resolved.
  • The issue of email notifications that were being sent to deleted email addresses has been resolved.
  • The issue of new move-in tenants receiving emailed invoices has been resolved.

Call pop-up improvements:

If your facility is tracking more than one phone number for calls to your facility, your software will now display which number was dialed when your facility receives a call. This information is visible on your Communication Tab as well.



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