What's New: 9/12/17

We've made some improvements to your software:

New Report Format

Your software offers a broad range of reports that help you run your business smoothly and aid you in identifying trends at your facility. To make your reports easier to interpret, we're changing their format. The new report format includes:

  • screen tips
  • sortable headings
  • a more intuitive layout
  • the ability to export data in multiple formats 

Changes to existing reports

Your Rent Rates By Tenant report has been reformatted. The changes include a different appearance that is easier to interpret your data. Additional data fields have also been added.


Your Rent Rates by Tenant report can be accessed from your Reports tab under the Financial heading. It was an existing report that has been improved. Here's what has changed:

  • Previous rental rates have been added to the table for each tenant.
  • The dates of previous rent changes have been added.
  • This report can now be exported as a PDF, Excel document, or .CSV.

New Reports

We've added four new reports to your software:

  • Consolidated Occupancy - facility level
  • Consolidated Occupancy - Corporate level
  • Movement Summary
  • Move Ins


Your new Consolidated Occupancy report gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your facility's current occupancy for any date you define, including total occupancy and unrentable, complimentary, reserved, vacant, and occupied units. You'll find this report on your Reports tab under the Occupancy heading.


The Corporate level also includes a Consolidated Occupancy report. To access the report, go to your Reports tab on the Corporate section of your software. You'll find the report under Occupancy. Define the date and facility group for which you'd like to view data and select Generate Report. The Corporate Consolidated Occupancy report differs from the report you'll find on the facility level in that it breaks down occupancy by facility rather than unit type. 


The Movement Summary can be found on the Reports tab under the Occupancy heading. This report gives you a breakdown of all move-ins, transfers, and move-outs at your facility for a selected date range.


The Move Ins report can be found on your Reports tab under the Occupancy heading. This report breaks down all move-ins at your facility for a defined date range.

Note: Hovering your mouse over headings in the new report format will help you interpret data. Headings that appear in blue are also sortable. To sort your report data, click the heading corresponding with your sorting criteria and data will repopulate as desired. Reports exported as a PDF include a legend to help you interpret the report's headings.

You can learn more about reports appearing on your Reports tab and Corporate Reports on our help site.


  • The issue preventing tenants from ending SMS communication by responding with STOP has been resolved.



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