What's New: 3/23/17

We've made improvements to your software, which include:

  • Improvements to your Communication tab
  • Improvements to Reports
  • Ability to search within Units settings
  • We've fixed an error within your Rental Promotions settings

Improvements to Communication tab

We've renamed the Batches section Print Batches in your Communication tab. We've removed unnecessary batches from this section, and improved the information that displays in the Status column. This change will also reduce the number of unnecessary Print Batch notifications in your Task List.


Improvements to reports

The following reports have been adjusted:

  • Tenant Contact List: We have added a lot of detail to this report, including columns for driver's license number, alternate contact details, and Rental Center username.
  • Insured Tenants Roll: This report now includes a Paid table, an Unpaid table, and a Grand Total. It helps you easily see which tenants have paid for their insurance and which of them haven't. It also now details percentages of paid and unpaid tenants.
  • Discounts: Now, the date that appears on this report is the date that a discount went into effect for a tenant. It also includes the service period for the discount. To make the report easier to interpret, discounts are now shown as line items rather than being separated by commas for tenants with multiple discounts applied.

Unit Settings changes

In your Units settings, you now have the ability to search and filter units so you can easily edit them. The filters will persist as you access the Facility MapGroupsIndividual, and Walk Through tabs. When you're finished editing units, your software will now take you back to where you were in the units list rather than taking you back to the beginning.   

Repair to Rental Promotions  

The error that caused blank fields to appear when editing a rental promotion has been repaired. Now, the information you entered during setup will appear in these fields.


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