SMS Settings

Your storEDGE software allows for automated SMS (text) messages to be sent to tenants for the following actions:

  1. Completed Move-Ins
  2. Completed Move-Outs
  3. Completed Reservations 
  4. Completed Transfers
  5. Delinquency Notification
  6. E-signature Request
  7. Lead Reminders
  8. Missed Move-Ins
  9. Past Due Notification
  10. Reservation Reminders

To set up the automated messages, go to the Settings section of your storEDGE account and select the SMS button.

Here you can activate a default message template or create a customized message.

We recommend keeping SMS (text) messages under 160 characters in order to ensure the message will not be split into multiple messages by your tenant's phone service provider. Messages over 160 characters will likely appear as multiple messages on your tenant's mobile phone.

Once an SMS template is assigned to an action and activated, the message will be automatically sent (to tenants who have opted in).

Delinquency SMS (text) messages must be added to your Delinquency Stages in order to be sent. The messages are created at 2 am local time (when storEDGE determines which tenants are delinquent) and then sent at 8 am local time.

E-sign SMS (text messages) will be sent upon selecting the SMS Delivery Method during a document signature event such as the e-sign step during a move in.

Lead Reminder and Reservation Reminder SMS (text) messages will be sent at 8 am local time on the day set in Lead Settings.

Missed Move-In SMS (text) messages will be automatically sent at 8 am local time the day after the scheduled move in date if the tenant fails to move in.

Move-in, Move-out, Reservation Created, or Transfer SMS (text) messages will be sent immediately upon the completion of a move-in, move-out, reservation, or transfer.

A Past Due SMS (text) message is not part of Delinquency Stages. It works on its own and is separate from Delinquency. An active Past Due SMS message will be sent at 8 am local time the day after the monthly rent invoice is due.

Note: Only one SMS template may have the Past Due action associated with it.


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