What's New: 4/5/17

Some changes have been made to your Past Due tab, and we've fixed several known issues in your software.


  • The issue where not allowing a user to backdate a move out also restricted a user from scheduling a future move out has been resolved.
  • The issue where variable or % fees and security deposits were not being calculated correctly at the lead stage of a reservation or move in has been resolved.
  • The issue where fixed priced promotions were not displayed correctly at the lead stage of the a reservation or move in has been resolved.
  • The Overdue section of the Facility Dashboard has been renamed to Past Due and has been updated to align with the information in the Past Due section of your account. The pie chart now displays units past due rather than tenants past due and will have up to 3 sections: past due units, delinquent units and current units. The difference between past due units and delinquent units is defined by your delinquency start date in Delinquency Stages settings. Units may also be past due if the unit is marked as delinquency exempt.


  • Adding and viewing notes
  • Pay button
  • Call Tenant filter

Adding and viewing notes

We've improved the way notes are added in your software. Before, your notes were always tied to an action and viewable from only the place it was made in your software. Now, we've streamlined notes so that you can see all notes for a tenant from both the Past Due tab and the tenant's file. 

When clicking Notes on the Past Due tab, you'll now see a window displaying the past three notes left for the tenant. At the bottom, you can leave a new note. This process will be the same when accessing Notes from a tenant's file.


If there are more notes for a tenant, you'll also see a link titled View additional notes. Clicking this link will open a window displaying the past 20 notes for the tenant, and you'll have the option to leave another note for the tenant. 

Pay button

If you need to apply a payment for a tenant from the Past Due tab, the button is now labeled as Pay rather than Pay Now. Clicking this button will open a payment window, and you can make the payment from there.


Call Tenant filter

When you use the Call Tenant filter on the the Past Due tab, tenant phone numbers are now shown directly on the page. From this filter, you can see the status of your calls and even send SMS messages to your tenants.


To send an SMS to a tenant from this page, click the blue speech bubble icon next to the tenant's mobile phone number.


Note: You will not have the ability to call or send SMS messages to your tenants from this page unless you have this feature turned on in your software. You will only have the ability to send SMS messages to tenants if their tenant file indicates that they can receive SMS messages.


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