What's New: 4/6/17

We've made some improvements to your software. We've improved your rent roll report process and have made some updates to the Rental Center™ account set up for an improved experience for your tenants.

Rent Roll Report

We've made some changes to the rent roll. Now, instead of a pop-up window running your rental roll report, there is a download button that will appear when the report is ready. This will prevent the report from timing out before it is generated.

Rental Center™ Updates:

  • We've removed email as a required field for new tenants signing up for Rental Center™.
  • Tenants attempting to sign up for a new account who have already signed up will now receive a clearer error message explaining that they already have an account setup.
  • Now, instead of requiring a gate code for a new Rental Center™ account, your tenant will use their account number. The account number can be found in the tenant file, on invoices and receipts, and in the default move-in email.


Pro Tip: Add the Account Number replacement in your document and emails templates to ensure that tenants can easily find their account number to set up their Rental Center™ account.


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