What's New: 4/18/17

We've made some improvements and fixed some known issues in your software.


  • The issue where the Past Due graph on the Facility Dashboard was not updated when a tenant paid their balance in full has been resolved.
  • The follow up date has been returned to the notes pop up when adding notes on the walk through screen, on the tenant profile screen, and on the unit profile screen.
  • The issue affecting some users that should have had access to the Rent Roll and Rent Rates by Tenant reports, yet were receiving an Access Denied message when trying to view it has been resolved. 
  • The issue in which open credits were not included in the Aging report has been resolved.
  • The issue affecting facilities who use Transfirst as their credit card processor and were not able to successfully charge credit cards when swiping them, but could when hand-keying credit card numbers has been resolved.
  • The issue where editing a unit group would sometimes result in an error message has been resolved.


New process for adding fees at move-in

Now, you can add a fee during the Review step of the move-in flow. To add a fee, select Add additional items. Fees will be listed before retail items. If you'd like to add a fee, select the fee you'd like to apply from the list. You can also add retail items at this time.



Changes to leaving and viewing notes on the unit page

We've added the ability to leave notes on a unit page. When you add a note to a unit, you can add a date to follow up on whatever the note concerns. Doing so will add a task to your Task List. To add a note with a follow up, select Notes on the unit page. Enter a date for follow up, add your note, and select Save. If there are other notes for this unit, they'll be listed here as well.


A task will be added to your Task List if you added a follow up date to the the note. To see the task, access your task list and select My Tasks. You'll see notes that need follow-up listed here.




Calls now auto-populate as lead sources

If you use call tracking at your facility, then the kind and source of your lead will be auto-populated in the Add Tenant modal. This new process will prevent you from losing source information and prevent the need to add this information manually. 




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