What's New: 5/16/17

We've updated and fixed some known issues in your software:


Retail returns without a receipt

We've added a setting that allows you to accept retail returns without a receipt. If you'd like to accept retail returns at your facility without a receipt, you must first change your Billing Settings to reflect that customers are allowed to make returns without a receipt. You can learn more about the retail return process on our help site.


Your Refund Settings page on the facility level has been improved. The dollar fields are now more clear, and the descriptions of the settings have been rephrased for clarification of what each setting controls.


Search E-sign documents by unit number

You can now filter e-sign documents by unit number in the E-sign section of the Communications tab.




  • The issue where units were randomly disappearing from the facility map and then reappearing has been resolved.
  • The issue where the My Task section of the Task List was displaying multiple followup dates has been resolved. 
  • The issue that prevented facilities from rescheduling canceled auctions has been resolved.
  • The issue where facility occupancy reports were using summarized data rather than facility data has been resolved.


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