What's New: 11/7/17

We've made some improvements to your software:

New Feature:

The Rent Roll report has been updated to our new report format. The new version of the Rent Roll can be backdated, and it includes screen hover tips on all column headings to make the report easier to interpret. Additionally, you can download PDF, CSV, or Excel versions of this report. Screen_Shot_2017-11-07_at_3.11.23_PM.png

You can learn more about reports on our help site.


  • Leaving the sub-permission Override waive limit unchecked in permissions no longer prevents users from moving past the review page during the move-in process.

  • The issue that prevented users from waiving a reservation fee has been resolved.

  • The issue where auction tax was not populated on the Sales Tax Invoiced report has been resolved.

  • The issue where rent rates were sometimes changed to the standard unit rate rather than the custom rent rate after a promo was applied or cancelled has been resolved.


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