What's New: 6/6/17

We've added some improvements to your e-sign documents.

You can now add optional text fields to documents. These fields come in different sizes and can be used for e-sign documents only:

  • Small: This field is limited to approximately 31 characters. [[Tenant.small_text_field_optional]]
  • Medium: This field is limited to approximately 42 characters. [[Tenant.medium_text_field_optional]]
  • Large: This field is limited to approximately 89 characters. [[Tenant.large_text_field_optional]]

These text fields are for your e-sign documents only. Information that is entered into these fields during the e-sign process is not stored elsewhere in your software, but remains solely on the document to which you've added it. These fields are completely optional and do not need to be filled to complete the e-sign process.


We've repaired some known issues in your software:

  • The issue preventing some users from viewing future invoices for tenants who have prepaid for future months has been resolved.
  • The issue that caused deleted units to remain viewable on the facility map has been resolved.
  • The issue causing management summary reports to aggregate the wrong date has been resolved.


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