What's New: 11/21/17

We've made some improvements to your software:

New Feature:

Choose Rounding Setting on Fees

You now have the ability to choose whether percentage based fees round up or down. The rounding is to the nearest penny. For example, if your rent is $22.50 and your fee is 13%, selecting to round up will charge the tenant $2.93. Selecting to round down will charge the tenant $2.92. This setting was added to comply with certain state lien laws that require fees to not exceed an specific amount (even by one penny).

To implement this change, navigate to facility Settings and select Fees and Services. In the Amount field, select % from the dropdown to reveal the Round Up and Round Down radio buttons.


Updates and Repairs:

  • The 30 minute processing window for creating auction notices and fees after a unit has been added to a scheduled auction has been reduced to 5 minutes. For more information, see our Auction Manager help article.
  • The temporary issue where facilities with Transfirst merchant services were receiving errors when attempting to take a retail payment with a credit card has been resolved.
  • The issue where some files (files with an uppercase extension) uploaded to a tenant's profile were displaying strange characters rather than the uploaded document has been resolved.
  • Month-to-date discount and reservation amounts have been added to the Facility Comparison report.
  • The issue where Imported Security Deposits could not be retained as revenue after move out has been resolved.


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