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What's New: 12 Days of storEDGE 2017


To show appreciation for our customers this holiday season, we want to show you that when you ask for a new feature, we listen. For today and the next 11 days, we'll be announcing a new software feature you've asked for or a special offer for your business. You can learn more about the 12 days of storEDGE on our blog.


1st day of storEDGE: Improved Wondersearch

We've made some improvements to the Wondersearch. We've enhanced our search algorithm to produce more accurate search results for 1-2 character inquiries in the search bar.



2nd day of storEDGE: Retain credit card info

Now, when entering credit card information manually during a payment, your software will temporarily retain credit card info for your tenant after you’ve entered it. This will be especially useful in the event that you make a mistake when processing the payment or you receive an error message. You won’t have to enter the credit card information a second time - it will be retained securely until you exit the payment modal or until your session times out.


Note: Credit card info is only retained while the payment modal is open. Once you leave the payment window, credit card info will not be retained.


3rd day of storEDGE: An ebook full of useful tips


The storEDGE blog is full of useful tips for self storage businesses, but did you know that we also publish e-books? We’ve put together a brand new e-book for the 3rd day of storEDGE.

8 Incentive-Based Competitions to Motivate Your Managers will give you some creative ideas to increase your facility’s revenue by holding competitions between employees.


4th day of storEDGE: Manager Performance Report

The manager performance report is located in the Corporate section of your software and shows you details about rentals, sales, payments processed, credits issued, and waives issued by each of your managers.

To run the manager performance report, access the Reports tab on Corporate section of your software. Under Management, find the Manager Performance entry. Enter the dates for which you’d like to run the report. You can then select All Facilities or the facility group for which you’d like to view data. Then click Generate Report.


The resulting report lists your users and displays data pertaining to how many move-ins they processed, how much merchandise they sold, how many payments they processed, the sum of payments processed, how many credits they issued and the sum of those credits, and how many waives they issued and the amount of those waives. The headings have screen tips to help you interpret the report.


This report can be exported as a PDF, Excel, or CSV file. You can find more information about running corporate level reports on our help site.


5th day of storEDGE: a gift card for your feedback

Since your feedback helps us improve our products, we’d like to reward you for your opinion. Fill out this survey with your feedback and ideas for improvement, and we’ll send you an Amazon gift card. 


6th day of storEDGE: the ability to transfer credit card payments

Your software now gives you an easy way to transfer credit card payments to a different tenant account. This is useful in the event that you apply a payment to the wrong tenant’s account. You can transfer payments from both saved and unsaved credit cards in your software.

To turn this feature on in your software, access your Corporate Settings. Select Roles.


Select the role of users to which you’re giving permission to transfer credit card payments. Select Edit.


Scroll down to the Advanced Settings and check the box next to Transfer Payments. To save, scroll down and click Update Role.


Once your settings are in place, you can transfer a credit card payment by accessing the payment record you’d like to transfer from the Billing tab or the tenant’s ledger. At the bottom of payment page, click the yellow Transfer Payment button.


In the pop-up, enter the Tenant’s name or unit number to which you’d like to apply the payment transfer. Then, click Continue.


Note: If the tenant has more than one unit, you will need to select the unit that will receive the transferred payment.

On the next screen, enter the amount of the payment you’d like to transfer, and select Transfer Payment.


After you’ve transferred the payment to a new account, you’ll see the payment on the tenant’s ledger.


You can learn more about processing payments and the tenant ledger on our help site.


7th day of storEDGE: self storage jokes

Sometimes, you just a need a good laugh to break up the day. That’s why we’ve provided you with jokes on command - just for fun. Sign into storEDGE and try it within the software by holding down Control + Shift + J on your keyboard and enjoy a laugh on us.


8th day of storEDGE: intuitive fee integration

Your software now offers more hard-coded options to make setting up fees easier and more intuitive.

The following fees have been added to your software:

  • LATE-FEE-1
  • LATE-FEE-2
  • LATE-FEE-3

You can now edit the description field for hard-coded fees, making it easier to select the correct fee during delinquency setup.

These fees have corresponding bracket replacements that can be added to your document templates, allowing you to include them in any of your documents. The following bracket replacements have been added to your document replacements and will populate the amount of the fee into your document template when your documents are generated:

  • LATE_FEE_1
  • LATE_FEE-2
  • LATE-FEE-3

You’ll find these document replacement brackets under the ledger category in your documents and email templates.

This is how your fee types will appear in your documents once the brackets have been used:

  • Fixed fees: The same (fixed) amount will populate into the document each time a document using it is generated.

  • Custom fees: The default amount that the fee will potentially be will be populated into the document.

  • Variable fees: The amount populated will be the amount the fee will be based on the rental rate.

Note: If you want to import fees into your documents, you will need to adjust your delinquency stages to use the new hard-coded fees.


9th day of storEDGE: batch processing lien & auction notices

We've added a time-saving feature that allows you to generate multiple delinquency notices at once. You'll be able to quickly and easily select multiple tenants and process their lien and auction notices all in one batch. You can learn about generating multiple delinquency notices at once on our help site.


10th day of storEDGE: a cookbook of our favorite holiday recipes


‘Tis the season to enjoy good friendships and good food. We’d like to share both with you, so we’re offering a cookbook of our favorite holiday recipes from your friends at storEDGE. You can download the cookbook at storEDGE.com.

11th day of storEDGE: credit card number masking

We’ve updated your software to include a setting that will mask credit card numbers for your customers’ credit card security. You’ll find this setting in your facility’s Billing Settings.


To mask credit card numbers, check the box next to Credit Card Masking. Moving forward, manually entered credit card numbers and security codes will be masked in your software.



12th day of storEDGE: automated lead texting

Since leads are time sensitive and it’s important to thoughtfully follow up at the right time to ensure that you’ve done all that you can do to obtain new business, we’ve provided a simple, automated method of following up with your leads. Now, you can use your two-way texting feature to send SMS messages to your leads automatically.

Note: To use this feature, you must have SMS texting capabilities turned on as part of your storEDGE subscription. Contact support@storedge.com to inquire about turning on texting for your facility.

To turn on leads texting, go to the Settings tab for your facility and access your SMS settings.


Here, you can adjust the text that appears in SMS messages. You’ll notice three new templates:

  • Missed Move-In
  • Lead Reminder
  • Reservation Reminder


To use these templates, select On for the template you’d like to use. To edit the SMS message, select Copy and Edit to the right of the template.


Here, you can create a custom message for your leads to automatically receive at the respective time you set in your Leads settings. Note that any SMS messages over 160 characters will be split into more than one message. Additionally, your customers will be given the option to unsubscribe from SMS communication from your facility with each message.

To determine when lead reminders are sent, access your Leads Settings.


  • Lead reminder
    A lead reminder can be sent 1-99 days after a lead was created. Once a lead is closed, moves in, or is converted to a reservation, they will not receive a lead reminder.

  • Reservation reminder
    A reservation reminder can be sent 0-99 days before a reservation's desired move-in date.

  • Missed move-in reminder
    A missed move-in reminder does not require your attention in settings because it is automatically sent the day after a desired move-in date is missed.

After you’ve adjusted these settings, click Save.


Any automatic SMS messages will appear on your Communication tab and on History tab of the tenant page.


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