What's New: 12/5/17

We have an important reminder about updating 2018 tax rates in your software. Additionally, we've fixed some known issues.

Important Reminder:

As state real estate sales tax rates change from time to time, we recommend that you check your state tax code to ensure that the tax rate applied to your invoices complies with your state’s laws. If your tax rates are changing in January 2018, you will need to update your software with the new tax rate before invoices for the January service period are generated.

Some things to consider:

  • Once you change the tax rate in your software, all invoices moving forward will apply the new tax rate. This includes move-ins.

  • If you have your software set to generate invoices in advance, you'll want to consider that it will apply whatever tax rate is set in your software the day it generates your invoices.

  • If you have any questions about how changing your tax rate before January 2018 might affect your December move-ins and invoices, contact support@storedge.com.

Note: When you change your tax rate, ensure that you edit your current tax rate rather than create a new tax rate. This will ensure that the correct rate is applied.


  • The issue where international credit cards could not be processed for facilities with Transfirst as the payment processor has been resolved.

  • The issue where Bad Debt Write Off email notifications were not displaying the amount of the write off has been resolved.

  • The issue where the credits and waives section of the Daily Summary report was not displaying the day's credit and waive information has been resolved.


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