What's New: 7/18/17

We've made some improvements to your software, including additional permissions that affect your retail inventory management and new line items on your Insured Tenant Roll report. Additionally, we've repaired some known issues in your software.


Retail inventory management

We've added permissions that control which software users are permitted to change retail inventory details for your facility within the software. You can adjust these permissions by accessing the Corporate section of your software and accessing Roles.


Next, find the role you'd like to edit and select Edit


Here, under Facility Settings, you can assign permissions regarding creating, editing, or adjusting details about retail items. These settings will be selected as default. To remove them, uncheck the box next to the setting you'd like to remove from the user's role.


Insured Tenants Roll

The csv version of your facility's Insured Tenants Roll report now includes an insured tenant's account number, address, their rental paid through date, and insurance paid through date.


  • The rounding error on rental promotions where the rent rate was greater than the standard unit rate has been resolved.
  • The issue where rent rates greater than $1000 could not be changed to a new amount has been resolved.


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