Rental Center™ Settings (Corporate Level)

All of the facility level Rental Center™ settings are available at the corporate level as well. In addition, the corporate level offers a few more settings.

To access your corporate Rental Center™ settings:

  • Click the Corporate button in the upper right of your screen.
  • Under the Settings section, click on the Rental Center Settings tab and then the Rental Center button. 


Hide Unavailable Units: Select Yes or No to hide unit groups with no available units from displaying in step 2 of the online move in process in the Rental Center.

Delinquency Stage Payment Prevention: Select the point in delinquency at which you'd like to prevent tenants from making an online payment. The available options come directly from your non-recurring delinquency stages. Once you've made this selection and assigned it to your facility, tenants who have reached this stage will no longer be able to process a payment through the Rental Center™.

Allow tenant to decline providing an alternate contact: Alternate contacts are people who will receive delinquency notices such as lien or auction notices. When customers are processing an online move in, setting this option to yes will display the highlighted text in the below screenshot, "I decline to provide alternate contact information." If this option is set to no, that text will not display and the tenant will not be able to complete step 5 of the online move in without entering alternate contact information.

At the bottom of the Rental Center settings screen is the url to your facility's Rental Center™.

Note: These settings are only available for facilities utilizing the Advanced Rental Center. For more information on this product, visit our Rental Center™ article.


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