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Tenant Settings

Tenant Settings allow you to make changes to settings related to applying waives and backdating move-ins.

To access your facility’s tenant settings:

  • Click the Settings Tab in the lower left of your screen.
  • Under the Tenants section, click the Settings button. The tenant settings screen will appear.

Listed below are descriptions of the options available on this screen:


Checking this box allows you to limit the number of waives that may be issued to a unit. Use the second field to enter the number of waives allotted. Use the drop-down menu after per rental per to choose to limit the quantity per by month or year.

Allow users to backdate tenant move-ins

Checking this box allows users to move a tenant into a unit on a date previous to the current date (a.k.a. backdating). Backdating move-ins is not a recommended workflow procedure. After backdating a move-in, the move-in date will display as the chosen date. However, on all financial reports, the monies paid for the move-in will be recognized on the date the move-in was processed, not the backdated move-in date.


Checking this box will automatically email move-in, transfer, or move-out documentation to a tenant should they have a valid email address in their tenant profile.


Checking this box allows users to prevent delinquent tenants from transferring units. 

Billing Documents

Checking this box will automatically email invoices, receipts and NSF notices to tenants who have a valid email address in their tenant profile. This setting overrides the individual email preferences in the tenant's profile.



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