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Account Codes

storEDGE has a predefined list of account codes used for all financial transactions. You cannot add additional account codes to the list, but you can edit the codes to match your accounting system's account code description and account code number.

To access your corporate Account Codes settings:

  • Click the Corporate button in the upper right of your screen.
  • Under the Settings section, click on the Software Settings tab and then the Account Codes button.

By default one set of account codes exists for you. If you have just one facility, click the Edit button on the default set to edit the account codes. If you have more than one facility, create different sets, as needed, to organize your account codes by groups of facilities.

To edit an account code:

  • Type the account code in the Code field.
  • Type the description of the item in the Description field.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes.

A note about editing descriptions and assigning your own account codes...

The first line of the standard account codes table had a description of "cash", the second line "checks", the third "ACH", the 4th "Money Order", etc. You can update the descriptions to whatever you want and also assign your own codes, but every time cash is chosen as a payment method, internal account code 1000 is used and whatever the description is in the description box for internal code 1000 is displayed in your General Ledger reports. Every time a visa card is used as a payment method, internal account code 1020 is used and whatever the description is in the description box for internal code 1020 is displayed in your General Ledger reports.


Quickbooks Integration

In order to use the Quickbooks (IIF) file download in Reports > General Ledger or Reports > General Ledger by Day, you must assign your Quickbooks account codes to all of the accounts you use in storEDGE. For example, if your Rent Revenue account code in Quickbooks is 59001, then you would enter 59001 for the line labeled 4000 | Income | Rental Income | Rental Revenue.

If you use sub accounts in Quickbooks, you must enter the main account followed by a colon followed by the subaccount in the code field. For example, if you have a sub account for NSF fees (named "NSF Fees") underneath the fees (named "General Fees") main account in Quickbooks, you would enter that as General Fees:NSF Fees in storEDGE. No spaces are allowed between the main account and the subaccount.

Alphanumeric or numeric account codes are allowed. Check your Quickbooks Chart of Accounts to find the account codes you will enter into storEDGE.


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