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The Settings Tab


The Settings Tab contains options for managing your facility’s settings and is denoted by a gear icon. Click the links below to read more about each setting. 


  • Gate Integration: Setup your storEDGE software to integrate with your gate software.
  • Documents and Emails: Customize letters and emails.
  • Mail House: Associate documents to mail house actions.
  • Yield Management: Adjust settings for Yield Management.
  • SMS: Create and manage automated text messages.
  • Devices: Associate an iPad or tablet with your storEDGE account to allow the software to display documents on the device and have tenants e-sign the documents on the device.


  • Units: Setup and edit unit standard prices, sizes, amenities, door sizes, floors, and tax rates. Set the walk through order for your facility.
  • Facility Map: Create and edit your facility map.
  • Rental Promotions: Create and manage rate modification or general promotions.
  • Unit Amenities: Create and manage your custom list of unit amenities.
  • Unit Type: Create and manage your custom list of unit types.

Leads Settings: Set lead follow up and reservation expiration timing and manage reservation fees. 



  • Settings: Adjust general tenant settings including fee waive limits, backdating move ins, and document settings.
  • Rental Center: Adjust what your tenants can access and manage in their online tenant accounts.
  • Insurance: View insurance providers and insurance premium options.


  • Refunds: Setup refunds to go through an approval process and set a limit for cash refunds.
  • Account Codes: A list of all the general ledger accounts used for financial transactions.


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