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Implementing E-sign

E-sign is an important tool that allows facilities to take a crucial step toward operating a paperless facility. Once set up, your move-in process will include capturing an electronic signature to finalize leases and other important documentation. This article details how to implement e-sign and customize e-sign signature requests through e-mail and SMS, and how to pair a device to your software to be used during the e-sign process.

Implementing E-sign

Implementing e-sign within your storEDGE software is a simple process within the Documents and Emails settings. To access your Documents and Emails settings:

  • Click the Settings Tab in the lower left of your screen.
  • Under the Settings section, select Documents and Emails.

To implement e-sign for move-in or transfer documents, complete the following steps:

1.   Click the Edit button on a Customized Template or the Copy and Edit button on a default template.

2.   Place your cursor in the Editor screen where you want the tenant signature to be.

3.   In the list of replacements, select Tenant, then click on Signature. Clicking on Signature will populate the document with the [[tenant.signature]] replacement field and activate e-sign for the document.

You can add other options that make the e-sign process even more robust.

Description Replacement Field What it looks like in the document
+Checkbox tenant.checkbox   *
A checkbox you will use to require the tenant to acknowledge a section in your document.
+Checkbox Optional tenant.checkbox_ optional     ☐
An optional checkbox you will use to have the tenant select an item in a section of your document.
+Initials tenant.initials
A required place to have tenants enter their initials.
+Initials Optional tenant.initials_optional
An optional place to have tenants enter their initials.
 +Is Military tenant.is_military    ☐ Yes ☒ No 
Based on the tenant type field completed during the move-in process, this replacement will place a yes and no checkbox in your document and check yes if the tenant type is military and no if the tenant type is not military. We suggest you put the question, “Are you a member of the military?” followed by the tenant.is_military replacement field.  
 +Large Text Field tenant.large_text_field  
 A large text box limited to approximately 89 characters where you will require tenants to add information. It must be on a line by itself.  
 +Large Text Field Optional tenant.large_text_field_ optional  
An optional large text box limited to approximately 89 characters. It must be on a line by itself.
+Medium Text Field tenant.medium_text_ field
A medium text box limited to approximately 42 characters where you will require tenants to add information.
+Medium Text Field Optional tenant.medium_text_ field_optional
An optional medium text box limited to approximately 42 characters.
+Small Text Field tenant.small_text_field
A small text box limited to approximately 31 characters where you will require tenants to add information.
+Small Text Field Optional tenant.small_text_field_optional
An optional small text box limited to approximately 31 characters.
+Signature Timestamp tenant.signature_ timestamp   7/4/2018
The date when the document is signed.


The text fields are for your e-sign documents only. Information that is entered into these fields during the e-sign process is not stored elsewhere in your software but remains solely on the document to which you've added it. These fields are completely optional and do not need to be filled to complete the e-sign process.

4.   Click Save.

Customizing e-sign signature requests

The message the tenant receives requesting a signature is customizable, although storEDGE provides a default message. You can change the signature request email or SMS message in Settings.

Customizing email signature requests

To change the signature request email text, go to Settings and select the Documents and Emails section. Here, find the Email tab and find the Default Templates. Select the template titled Signature Requested.

Select Copy and Edit along the right side of your screen. Here, you can make your desired changes to the signature request email that a tenant will receive. Select Save and Make Primary and your new signature request email will be saved.

Customizing SMS signature requests

To change the default SMS signature request message, go to the Settings section and select SMS. Note that you will not see this section if your facility doesn't have this feature turned on in storEDGE. After selecting Default Templates, choose the template titled Signature Requested.


After making your desired changes, select Copy and Edit along the right side of your screen to save your new message.

Pairing a device to use for e-sign

To activate a device to be used for e-sign, open your browser on the device you'd like to use and go to https://www.storedgefms.com/devices using the browser. Here, you will see a 6-letter code. This is the code you need to pair your device with the software.

In your storEDGE account, access the Settings tab. Select Devices under the Settings heading.

Here, you will click Register New Device

You will be prompted to enter the 6-letter code you were given on your device. You will also be prompted to name any devices you choose to pair so that you can easily identify them. Click Save.

On your device, the code you were given will disappear and your screen will display a message letting you know that your signature pad is ready.

Now that your device is paired with your facility, you can use your device for the e-sign process.

Recommended Devices

We recommend a recent version of an iPad or tablet with a 7-inch screen or larger to use with e-sign.


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