What's New: 1/16/18

We've made some changes to your software. Changes include improvements to delinquency functions and reports, as well as repairs to known issues. 



  • We’ve made an improvement to your scheduled reports. Now, rather than receiving some of these reports as attachments, you will receive them as links, and you will need to login to view these reports. This improves the security of your data, allowing only authorized users to have access to your facility’s reports.

  • The Close of Day report has been updated. Up until now, this report presented a sum of totals, but we've improved it by separating your totals into an easy-to-read table that now includes payment reversals.

  • We've updated the Walk Thru report to our new format. This report now includes vehicle details.

  • We've added a new Move-In report to the Corporate section of your software.

  • The Notes Roll report has been updated to the new report format.

You can learn more about the new reports format on our help site. The new format includes more easily sortable columns, a more intuitive layout, and multiple export formats.

Certificate of Mailing

We've added a cost-saving method of gaining evidence that your postal mail was presented to the USPS for mailing. You can set up Certificate of Mailing by taking a few simple steps in your software. Read more on our help site


This issue where reversed payments were not appearing in the Sales Tax Invoice Report has been resolved. Reversed payments now appear as a debit on this report.

Facilities using OpenTech kiosks will now be able to accept cash payments greater than the balance due and the entire payment will apply to the tenant ledger rather than only the balance due applying to the tenant ledger and the extra amount going to the Escrow report. For example if a tenant paid $60 cash but only had a balance due of $59, the entire $60 will now be posted to the tenant ledger. Previously $59 would be posted to the tenant ledger and $1 would be listed on the Escrow report requiring the facility manager to manually post the $1 to the tenant's ledger.




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