What's New: 1/23/18

We have a few announcements this week concerning your facility's reports, how you gather insurance information at move-in, and a repair to a known issue. 

The Rental Rates report will soon be deactivated

In the coming weeks, the Rental Rates report will be deactivated. However, you can find the same data (and more) on your Consolidated Occupancy report. Given that the the Consolidated Occupancy report contains more useful info about your facility's units, rates, and occupancy, the Rental Rates report will no longer be needed.

Insurance change at move-in

If you require insurance to be purchased at move-in or collect information about renter's private insurance at move-in, you will notice a small change when entering private insurance information. Now, instead of entering term information, you will enter the expiration date with a new date selector. Facilities who do not gather insurance information at move-in will not be affected by this change. 




The issue where some autopay tenants were charged twice due to unnecessary autopay retries has been resolved.




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