What's New: 2/6/18

We've made some updates to your software. This week, we've made some changes that improve your software's functionality and accuracy of data. We've also repaired some known issues.


Remittance address location change

The location of your facility's remittance address has changed in your software. The remittance address differs from your physical address in that it is the place where your business accepts mail. If you are using mail house, it is essential that you ensure that your remittance address is accurately entered in your software so you can receive any returned mail. If you do not have a remittance address, your software defaults to the physical address that you have entered in your software.

Your remittance address is now located in the Corporate section of your software in the Facility Info section. Previously, it was located in your Billing settings.


Click Edit next to the facility for which you need to edit an address. You'll see the facility's physical address with the new remittance address section directly below it.


Once you've updated your remittance address, select Save.

Note: When entering the remittance address, you will need to select the country of your facility's location before a list of states or regions will populate.

Other Improvements

  • When taking a payment, you'll notice that credit card fields have changed. The cardholder name and billing address is no longer required. 

  • The Unit Walk Through report has been improved to include more accurate overlock information.

  • The Rent Roll report can now be scheduled on the Corporate level.


  • The issue preventing payments from being taken during the auction processing process in the auction manager section of your software has been resolved.

  • The issue causing reservations fees to calculate incorrectly in Rental Center has been resolved.


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