What's New: 2/13/18

We’ve made some changes to your software, including the addition of a new report and improvements to existing reports.


New Report

We've added the Annual Revenue and Occupancy report to the facility level of your software. This report provides a high level month over month view of your facility’s revenue, move-ins, and move-outs. You’ll find this report in the Financial section on your Reports tab.


New Insurance Provider

We've added Xercor as an insurance provider in your Insurance settings. You can read more about setting up your facility's insurance settings on our help site.


The following reports have been updated to the new report format:

  • Credits Issued
  • Discounts
  • Facility Comparison
  • Payments by Type

Additional improvements to reports:

  • The Aging Report, which was showing negative values when a promotion was applied, no longer shows a negative number.

  • The Management Summary has been improved to show more accurate data:
    • Prepaid amounts are now populating more accurately.
    • Reversed payments are now showing as negative values rather than positive values.



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