What's New: 2/27/18

We've made some changes to your software that improve your facility map, reports, and Mail House functionality.


Facility Map

We've added managed rates to unit descriptions on your facility map. This allows you to see at a glance if a unit is currently renting at its standard rate or managed rate.



  • The Payments by Type report has been improved to include more accurate data.

  • The Insurance Activity report has been updated to the new report format.

Mail House

We’ve improved the Mail House functionality to send documents more quickly. If you are a Mail House user, you'll notice fewer delays.


  • The issue causing the error message “Payment method billing postal can’t be blank” before the billing postal field appeared (which occurred when hand-keying credit card info when making a retail payment) has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing tenants who deleted autopay from entering the delinquency process has been resolved.


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