What's New: 4/10/18

We've made some updates to your software, including upgrades to the new report format and repairs to known issues concerning retail sales and reports. Reports affected include the Merchandise Sales Detail report, the Aging report, the Management Summary, and the Rent Rates by Tenant report.


We've replaced the Merchandise Transaction Ledger with the new Merchandise Sales Detail report. This report includes more information than the previous report, including columns for Tenant Name (if applicable), Unit Number (if applicable), Account Code, Pre-discount Sales Price, Discount Amount (if applicable), Sales Tax amount, and the User who processed the sale. 


We've also added a Corporate Summary version of this report that will give users total sales figures by facility for a chosen date range. The Corporate Summary will also highlight the top ten items sold and the user who sold the most during the chosen date range.


  • The Aging report has been adjusted to exclude move-outs in which the tenant has moved back into a unit.

  • The issue causing the occupancy percentage to show incorrectly on the Management Summary report has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing the receipts by charge type in the Management Summary from reflecting store credit refunds has been resolved.

  • The issue causing the service periods in the Rent Rates by Tenant report to display incorrectly has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing amounts other than whole numbers from being entered for retail purchases has been resolved.



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