What's New: 4/24/18

We've made some improvements to your software including an improvement to an existing report, repairs to known issues, changes to the Revenue Management section of your software, and integration with a new gate service.


We've upgraded the Deposit Slips report and renamed it Payments by Type DetailWe’ve made this report easier to read by including a summary table at the top. Additionally, we’ve added a pie chart to show what percentage of your payments are coming from each payment type. These percentages are based on the quantity of payments by each payment type and not the dollar amount.

This report has also been added to your Corporate Reports section, and a Company Summary version of this report has also been added. This report can also be scheduled for daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly email delivery.


The Revenue Management section on the Corporate level of your software has been improved. The new modal, which allows you to adjust managed rates for unoccupied units without exporting and importing a .csv file, has been adjusted to include customizable percentage thresholds when you add automated rates that are based on occupancy.rev_management_customizable_thresholds.png



The issue preventing negative income from showing as a negative value on the Management Summary has been resolved.

The issue causing the same tenant or unit to be listed multiple times and causing discounts and actual rates not to calculate accurately on the Move-Ins report has been resolved.

The issue allowing some tenants to make partial payments online even when settings were in place to prevent partial payments has been resolved.

The issue preventing printed invoices and invoices for Mail House users to generate when a partial prepayment was made has been resolved. 


New! Your software now integrates with gate provider Revenue Control Systems. You can learn more about gate providers that integrate with storEDGE on our help site.

Important notice for Revenue Management users: If you are using Revenue Management to adjust your managed rates, the Yield Management section of your software will no longer allow managed rate adjustments for unoccupied units. These changes will now need to be made in the Corporate Revenue Management section of your software.

If your managers are using Yield Management to adjust occupied units on the facility level, any changes they make could potentially override changes made on the Corporate Revenue Management table. To prevent this from happening, adjust your managers’ roles to deactivate their ability to manage rate plans and manage revenue plans. You’ll find these settings within Roles on the Corporate level.



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