What's New: 5/1/18

Your software has been updated with improvements to reports and repairs to known issues pertaining to Revenue Management, delinquency functions, and reports.


New permission in Advanced Settings

We've added a permission to your software that controls the ability to apply credits to open balances at move-out. You'll find this permission in your Advanced settings under Roles in the Corporate section of your software. To give a user this permission, check the box next to Credit line items during move out.


Updated reports

  • We've updated the Insured Tenants Roll to the new report format. We've added a section to this report detailing tenants enrolled in private insurance.

  • We've updated the Moved out with Balance report to the new report format.



We've repaired some known issues in your software:

  • The issue preventing reports from rendering when exported as a .csv file has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing Needs Overlock Removed from appearing for appropriate units on the Walk Through report has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing new rental agreement PDFs from loading after e-sign when a transfer had been scheduled has been resolved.
  • The issue causing a 422 error message when editing saved autopay details for tenants has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing emails to generate but not send to tenants when both Certificate of Mailing and Email Tenant were selected as resulting actions of a delinquency stage has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing promotions that included a control for amenities from applying has been resolved.

  • The issue causing incorrect data to populate in occupancy reports in the event of a backdated move-out has been resolved.

  • In Corporate Revenue Management, any unit number that started with the number zero would cause the import to fail. This error has been resolved.


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