Channel Rates


Many storage companies benefit from being able to choose which rates they have set for a unit group in their software that will display on their website or through various marketing platforms like Sparefoot or StoreLocal. In fact, many companies have a web rate that they use strictly for online marketing. Your software provides an easy way to select which rates appear through various channels that integrate with your software. Using the Channel Rates functionality will give you control over which rate (your standard rate, managed rate, or web rate) appears on your storEDGE website or through third-party channels across the web.

Note: You can read more about entering and editing web rates in the Revenue Management section on our help site. If you are not using Revenue Management, then you do not have the ability to edit web rates. If you want this ability, contact to have this functionality added to your company.

You will need to define a user's role to give them permission to edit Channel Rates. You'll find this permission in the Roles section of your Corporate Settings under Corporate Permissions. Check the box next to Manage Corporate/channel rates to enable this permission for a user. 

Defining Channel Rates

To select which rates you'd like to use through which third parties, access the Channel Rates section of your software, which is located in your Corporate Software Settings under the Rates & Promos heading.


Once you've accessed the Channel Rates settings, select the facility or facility group from the dropdown for which you’d like to select your channel rates. Next, note the different channels you have set for your facility. The channels that appear in this section are the third parties with which your facility is currently integrated and turned on in the API section of your software settings.

Note: If you do not see a marketing platform that you use to display rental rates on this page, you’ll need to contact to connect the third parties for you. Some examples of third parties include StoreLocal or Sparefoot. After the API been added, access your API settings and ensure the third parties to which you'd like to send rates are turned on.

At this time, Channel Rates can only pass rates to Rental Center and storEDGE marketing websites. However, we're working with 3rd parties like Sparefoot, Opentech, StoreLocal, and Sparefoot to pass rates through these 3rd party platforms in the near future.

Under the various channels through which you can send rates, you’ll see a dropdown list. From here, select the rate you’d like to display on that particular channel. You can choose to display your facility’s managed rate, standard rate, or web rate. Then, select Save.


Note: If you select a web rate to appear through a channel and a particular unit group does not have a web rate entered in your software, that unit group will default to your managed rate. If there is not a managed rate, it will default to the standard rate for that unit group.

Once you’ve adjusted and saved your channel rates, the rates you’ve selected should appear on the platform within a few minutes.


If you want the web rates that you've entered in the Revenue Management section of your software to appear on your storEDGE website, select Web under the storEDGE Website channel.


Within a few minutes, the units table on your storEDGE website will display the web rate. If the web rate is lower than your managed or standard rate, the rate displayed will include the standard rate for unit groups crossed out with the web rate shown above it.





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