What's New: 5/15/18

This week's release includes major improvements to the report scheduling functionality in your Corporate Reports section, more customization to settings that control issuing credits, and repairs to known issues.


We've improved the report scheduling functionality in the Corporate Reports section of your software. These improvements create an easier scheduling experience and help cut back on the number of emails a user has to open to reach all of their reports.

What has changed

The new scheduling functionality allows you to bundle reports together to be sent in one email. Additionally, you can schedule report batches to be sent to multiple users at once. Rather than receiving one email per report, multiple users can receive the same email with all the reports they need attached.

You can read about scheduling reports on our help site for full instructions on using this functionality.

Other software improvements
We’ve expanded your user permissions for issuing credits. Now, in addition to limiting the number of credits software users can issue, you can specifically limit the amount and number of times that credits can be issued toward units. You can make adjustments to credit allowances under Roles within your Corporate Settings.



  • The issue preventing delinquency stages from honoring the balance amounts for a tenant to enter or exit delinquency (set in Advanced Delinquency Settings) has been resolved.

  • The issue causing a pop-up to block some users’ ability to void a payment has been resolved. This issue affected some facilities who require a password to void a payment.

  • The issue causing the Rent Rates by Tenant report to show rate changes that have been canceled has been resolved.



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