What's New: 5/22/18

We've made some changes to your software that improve your scheduled report functionality, refunds approval process, and insurance data accuracy.


  • The issue causing a zero dollar premium to appear instead of the actual premium for some tenants on the Insured Tenants Roll has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing reservation fees that were applied to insurance premiums from appearing on the Insurance Activity report has been resolved.

  • The issue causing delayed generation of scheduled Corporate Reports has been addressed. Reports are now expected to be generated and delivered earlier in the business day.

  • The issue preventing all facilities to appear on the Corporate Facility Comparison report has been resolved.

  • The issue causing an error message when approving or denying refund requests in the Corporate section of your software (which occurred when refunds had already been been approved or denied on the Tenant Ledger) has been resolved. Now, when a refund has been resolved on the tenant ledger, you will receive a message on the Corporate level that will allow you to remove the refund request. You can learn more about approving or denying refunds on our help site.





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