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API (3rd Party Integrations)

An API is an Application Programming Interface. It allows communication between your storEDGE account and various 3rd party programs.

To access your corporate API settings:

  • Click the Corporate button in the upper right of your screen.
  • Click the Settings icon.
  • Click the API button.


Within API settings you'll find available integrations with various call centers, kiosks, insurance companies, online marketing websites, and other storEDGE products. In order to use any of these integrations, you must have an account with the 3rd party prior to turning on the API. Once you have an account established with the third party, turn on the API and provide the 3rd party with your API Facility ID. Your API Facility ID is located in your Gate Integration setup in the Facility Settings portion of your software account.

Turning on an API

  1. Click on the blue name of the provider (ex. Sparefoot)
  2. Scroll down to the list of facilities in your account. Check the box next to each facility you'd like the 3rd party to access.
  3. Click the Create API Association button.
  4. Email or call the 3rd party to let them know you've activated the API within your storEDGE account. In most cases, they will need to update the account you have with them to accept the data coming through the API.


storEDGE integrates with the following auction providers:

  • SelfStorageAuctions.com
  • Storage Treasures

Call Centers

storEDGE integrates with the following call centers:

  • OpenTech Alliance
  • XPS Solutions
  • Call Potential

Turning on the API for any of these 3rd parties will allow them to:

  • View and update your tenant information
  • View your unit availability and pricing
  • Open or close leads
  • Process or cancel reservations
  • Process move-ins
  • Process payments

Insurance Companies

storEDGE integrates with the following insurance companies:

  • Bader Insurance
  • MiniCo Insurance
  • SafeStor
  • SBOA Insurance
  • StorSmart Insurance

Turning on the API for any of these 3rd parties will allow them to:

  • Access a summary of insurance information for the facility
  • Access a detailed list of insurance activity for the facility

Activating an insurance API will eliminate the need to manually send the Insurance Activity report and Insured Tenants Roll to the insurance company on a monthly basis.


storEDGE integrates with the following kiosk company:

  • OpenTech Alliance

Turning on the API for this 3rd party will allow them to:

  • view and update your tenant information
  • view your unit availability and pricing
  • open or close leads
  • process or cancel reservations
  • process move-ins
  • process payments

Keyless Lock Integration

The SecurGuard® Smart Entry System from Janus is a Bluetooth security and access control system that allows customers to access your facility and their storage unit from most mobile devices.

The storEDGE API allows Noke to:

  • View unit information
  • View unit group information
  • View unit type information
  • View tenants information
  • View move in information
  • View move outs information
  • View tenant ledgers
  • View gate codes
  • Create gate activities

Turning on the API for this 3rd party will allow data from storEDGE to be channeled to Noke. This is one-way communication - storEDGE will not receive data from Noke.

Davinci is an overlock system that uses combination locks. The locks communicate with your software and allow customers to physically remove the overlock when they are provided the combination.

The storEDGE API allows Davinci to:

  • View unit information
  • View unit groups information
  • View unit type information
  • View tenant information
  • View invoices
  • View gate codes
  • View discount plans
  • View insurance information
  • View invoice able items
  • View tenant portal settings
  • View payment methods
  • Update units
  • Update tenant information
  • Update invoice able items
  • Update ledgers

Online Marketing Services

storEDGE integrates with the following online marketing services:

Turning on the API for any of these 3rd parties will allow them to:

  • View your unit availability and pricing
  • Process or cancel reservations
  • StoreLocal Only: process move-ins
  • StoreLocal Only: access tenant information so tenants may view their account information and pay online via your StoreLocal provided marketing website

Note: In keeping with SpareFoot's core mission that reservations are 100% free for renters, any reservation from SpareFoot will not be charged a reservation fee. However, you are able to charge a reservation fee, if you wish, for in-store, over the phone, or other reservations through your storEDGE software or marketing website.

storEDGE Products

storEDGE offers a variety of products and services that are seamlessly connected via APIs. There may be extra charges for these items. Please contact sales@storedge.com for more information.

  • Sales Center Our call center product.
  • storEDGE Marketing Suite Our legacy marketing website product.
  • storEDGE Rental Center Our online move-in and tenant portal product.
  • storEDGE Website Our new fully-integrated marketing website product.

If you are unsure which marketing website product you have, contact support@storedge.com for assistance.

Some storEDGE APIs are required (and are no additional cost to you) in order for your software to provide you all of the features and functions you use on a daily basis.  Do not turn these APIs off at any time.

  • FMS
  • storEDGE Data Automation
  • storEDGE Unified Platform


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