What's New: 6/19/18

We've made some improvements to your software, including repairs to known issues and a new 3rd party lock management system integration.


storEDGE now integrates with Janus SecurGuard® Smart Entry System powered by Noke.

The SecurGuard® Smart Entry System from Janus is a Bluetooth security and access control system that allows customers to access your facility and their storage unit from most mobile devices.

The storEDGE API allows Noke to:

  • view unit information
  • view unit group information
  • view unit type information
  • view tenants information
  • view move in information
  • view move outs information
  • view tenant ledgers
  • view gate codes
  • create gate activities

This integration is specifically one-direction communication in which storEDGE channels data to Noke, but does not receive information back from Noke. You can read more about turning on 3rd party integrations on our help site.


  • The issue causing some users to be excluded from the list of contacts when scheduling Corporate reports has been resolved.

  • The issue causing slow load times when exporting data for occupied units from Corporate Revenue Management has been resolved. 

  • The issue preventing refunds for store credit from being included in totals on the Management Summary report has been resolved.


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