What's New: 6/26/18

We've made some improvements to your software, including new email functionality, a more intuitive Billing tab, and repairs to the functionality of delinquency rollback and Corporate Revenue Management.


Two-Way Emailing

Our new two-way emailing feature allows your customers to respond to your system-generated emails and allows you to initiate emails to customers. Just click on a customer's email address anywhere in the software to compose and send them an email, and view responses from the tenant page, Communication tab, and Task List.


You can read more about Two-Way Emailing on our help site. This new feature is included in the cost of your software. To turn on Two-Way Emailing, contact support@storedge.com.

Billing tab changes

For an easier experience finding autopay details on your Billing tab, we've moved autopay to its very own section. Instead of filtering all your billing details for autopay, click the Autopays tab in the top right corner of your Billing tab


You can read more about autopay and the Billing tab on our help site.


Delinquency Rollback 

  • The issue preventing overlock from being removed from a tenant's delinquency status after a payment has been made and delinquency has been rolled back has been resolved. This occurred for facilities using Delinquency Rollback in their Advanced Delinquency Settings.

  • The issue preventing units from being removed from a scheduled auction when a partial payment has been made has been resolved. This affected only facilities using delinquency rollback.

Corporate Revenue Management 

  • The issue causing the wrong date to populate in the "Last Rent Change" column when exporting occupied unit data from Corporate Revenue Management has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing the average rent rate for a unit group on the exported Corporate Revenue Management occupied units table from calculating accurately has been resolved.

Other repairs

  • The issue preventing scheduled rate changes to show on a tenant's page for users whose roles have the Change Rent Rate on Tenant Page permission disabled has been resolved.

  • The issue causing the user page to be blank after deleting a user role (when that role had only inactive or terminated users assigned to it) has been resolved. Note: You cannot delete a role that is assigned to any active user, but you can now delete a role that is assigned only to inactive users. You can learn more about user management and access on our help site.

  • The issue causing text to overlap in the resulting PDF when printing the full history from a tenant's profile has been resolved.

  • Insurance providers that are no longer being used at your facility will no longer show as an option during the move-in process. You can go to your Insurance Settings on the facility level of your software to see which insurance provider your plan is associated with.


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