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Fees Waived Report

The Fees Waived report provides an itemized list of all of the fees that have been waived during a specified date range. It includes the tenant's name, unit number, date fee was waived, the source of the waive, date of the original charge, description of fee waived, amount waived, and the user who waived the fee.

Waive Category

There are two potential categories for waived fees.

  • Fee Income - The majority of waives will be in the Fee Income category. These are the standard operating fees like admin fees, reservation fees, late fees, transfer fees, move-out fees, etc.

  • Other Liability - storEDGE categories security deposits as fees. When a security deposit is required during the move-in process but is waived, that activity will display on this report under the Other Liability category. 

Waive Source

There are four potential sources for waived fees.

  • Move In - During the move-in process, a required fee, like an admin fee, was waived by clicking the x next to the fee on the move in review screen.

  • Move Out - During the move-out process, an unpaid fee was waived by clicking the Waive button next to the fee on the move out review screen.

  • Transfer - During the transfer process, a required fee, like a transfer fee, was waived by clicking the x next to the fee on the transfer review screen.

  • Waive - The fee was waived by clicking the Waive Fee button on the tenant's ledger.



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