What's New: 7/31/18

In this week's release, we've made improvements to rate selection at move-in and transfer and repaired issues affecting the General Ledger report and Delinquency Rollback.

Rate selection at move-in and transfer

We've made a change to your software that improves the move-in and transfer process by simplifying rate selection. This change only affects software users who have permission to edit a tenant's rental rate at move-in.

If you are permitted to enter a custom rate at move-in, you'll now get an editable field when selecting Custom Rate. You can enter the rate for the tenant and continue the move-in process as normal. 


To add a custom rate at transfer, just select custom from the rate selection dropdown and enter your rate as you would at move-in.


If you do not have permission to enter custom rates for tenants, you will not see any changes to move-in or transfer. You can edit a user's role to allow them to enter custom rates by accessing Roles in your Corporate settings and checking the box next to Edit rental rate at reservation/move-in time for the role you'd like to have this permission.

Note: The rate that shows in the rate selection dropdown will default to the managed rate if you have a managed rate set for the unit group. If there is no managed rate, it will default to the standard rate. Additionally, whatever rate is selected at reservation for a unit will persist as the default unless it is changed at move-in or transfer.


We've improved the proration functionality of your software so that prorated rent is more accurate to the transaction date. This only affects facilities who prorate rent at move-out.


Delinquency Rollback

The issue causing delinquency to begin one day earlier than scheduled when a partial payment is made and Delinquency Rollback is set to "Delinquency Starts" has been resolved. This only affects facilities using Delinquency Rollback in Advanced Delinquency Settings. You can read more about delinquency rollback on our help site. 

General Ledger

The issue causing an extra entry for deferred sales tax liability and sales tax payable on the General Ledger report when a tenant moves out of a taxable unit during a month that has been paid in full has been resolved. This issue only affected facilities using accrual accounting.


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