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What's New: 8/21/18

We've added a useful new feature to your software that allows you to send specific rates through third-party marketing platforms. Additionally, we have an announcement about an upcoming set of features pertaining to tenants' alternate contact information.

Channel Rates New!

We've added a new feature to your software. Our Channel Rates feature allows you to select specific rates you want to use through third-party marketing platforms and send those specific rates to be displayed across the web.

At this time, Channel Rates can only pass rates to Rental Center and storEDGE marketing websites. However, we're working with 3rd parties like Sparefoot, Opentech, StoreLocal, and Sparefoot to pass rates through these 3rd party platforms in the near future.



Alternate Contacts Coming Soon!

Next week, we'll be releasing our highly anticipated Alternate Contacts set of features. For facilities located in California and other states with lien laws that require specific standards for contacting a tenant who has entered delinquency will find this set of features especially useful.

Contacts in storEDGE were previously anyone the tenant wanted to associate with their unit. Gathering the proper contact information like name and address was easily missed, and sending pre-lien, lien or auction notices was cumbersome and inefficient. With the new Alternate Contacts functionality, the collection of required name and address information is standardized and sending these contacts pre-lien, lien or auction notices is easy for in-store or online move-ins.

Here's what to expect:

  • You will have a new software setting that you can enable to require tenants to provide (or decline to provide)information for an alternate contact person in order to move in.

  • You will have additional document replacements that you can add to your documents to ensure that delinquency notices are prepared for the alternate contact in addition to the tenant.

  • The move-in process will include a step for gathering alternate contact information.

  • The Rental Center's move-in process will include a step for gathering alternate contact information.




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