Alternate Contacts Report

If your facility gathers Alternate Contact information at move-in, the Alternate Contact report is a useful way to see which of your tenants have provided or declined to provide your facility with information for an alternate contact. Additionally, you'll see which of your tenants have not yet had the opportunity to provide this information. This is especially useful for facilities in states where lien laws require them to offer to gather this information for the purpose of providing prelien, lien, or auction notices to an alternate contact in addition to the tenant.

Note: For more information about how your software can aid you in gathering and retaining alternate contact information, check out our article on Tenant Contacts.


Interpreting the Alternate Contacts report is simple. You'll see a list of occupied units at your facility, along with the names of your tenants who occupy the units. The Status column gives you insight into a tenant's alternate contact status:

  • Provided: This status tells you that the tenant has already provided your facility with an alternate contact. The remaining columns for this tenant will be filled with the alternate contact's name, address, and phone number.

  • Declined: This status tells you that the tenant declined to provide you with alternate contact information. The following columns will be empty.

  • Neither: This status tells you that the tenant has not yet been asked to provide an alternate contact. 

Note: If you are in the beginning stages of ensuring compliance with your state's lien laws, contacting your tenants with a status of Neither is a good place to begin updating their accounts with alternate contact details.

This report can be exported as a PDF, Excel document, or .csv.


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