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What's New: 8/28/18

We've added new functionality to your software that will aid you in gathering and retaining information about alternate contacts. Additionally, we've made repairs to a known issue. 

Alternate Contacts

Various states now have lien laws that require facilities to offer to gather alternate contact information. An alternate contact is a person designated by the tenant who can receive legal documents such as pre-lien, lien, and auction notices on behalf of and in addition to the tenant. We've equipped your software with the ability to gather this information at move-in, edit this information on a tenant's profile, and even generate pre-lien, lien, and auction notices for the alternate contact automatically.


Check out our Tenant Contacts article to learn more about how to enable alternate contacts and about the various ways your software can help you maintain compliance with your state's lien laws

We've added a report to your facility's Reports tab as well that will give you a snapshot of your tenants' alternate contact status as well. Check out our article about the Alternate Contacts Report to learn more!


We’ve improved the Walk Through Report to populate more accurate delinquency data for tenants. Tenants who are exempt from delinquency will not longer show a delinquent status on this report.


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