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What's New: 9/11/18

We've updated your software to improve your experience reading the tenant ledger. Additionally, we've made updates to several of your reports and resolved other known issues.

Tenant Ledger Improvements

New! We've added a column to the Tenant Ledger that will display a tenant's paid through date. The new Paid Through column has been placed next to the Balance column and will show you the date a tenant's rent has been paid through. 


Note: If you do not see any paid through dates in this column immediately, don't be alarmed. You will see dates added here as you start to take payments from customers. You can read more about navigating the tenant ledger on our help site.

Report Improvements

  • New! We’ve replaced the Lead Sources report with the new Lead Activity report. This new report provides you with all the data the Lead Sources report included, plus more. It provides you with details about all your leads for the date period you choose, including a lead's source, name, unit number, unit size, quoted price, the date the lead was opened, reservation dates, cancelation dates, move-in dates, and promotions applied. This report was designed to provide you with insight into the entire customer cycle at your facility from lead to move-in.



Other Improvements

  • The issue causing prepayments for tenants who have moved out to appear as a prepaid liability on the Management Summary report has been resolved.

  • We’ve improved the Management Summary report to ensure more accurate bad debt write-off calculation.

  • We’ve updated the Bad Debt Write Off report to the new report format. You can read more about the Bad Debt Write Off report on our help site.
  • We've improved Cloud Access Control to ensure that tenant gate codes are disabled more quickly after move-out. You can read more about storEDGE Cloud Access Control on our help site.

  • The issue preventing custom security deposits to populate on leases and rental agreements has been resolved. If you use a custom security deposit, your leases and rental agreements will now show the custom amount instead of the default security deposit.


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