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What's New: 9/25/18

Your software has been updated. Improvements include a new feature: important note pop-ups. Additionally, we've repaired some known issues in your software affecting reports, Cloud Access Control, and the facility map.

New! Important Note Pop-ups

Our customers have been asking for it - and we listened! Your software now includes functionality that allows you to enable notes marked as important to pop up when visiting associated tenant and unit pages.


This functionality can be enabled or disabled from your Tenant Settings in the Corporate section of your software, and can be enabled or disabled by facility.


Additionally, you can limit permission for which software users at your facility can mark a note as important. You'll find these permissions when editing your user Roles under Per-Facility Permissions in the Corporate section of your software. When you have the feature enabled, all software users will see important note pop-ups.


  • The issue causing credits for future service periods to appear on the Rent Roll report in the Other Due Column has been resolved. You'll now only see data for the current service period on this report.

  • The issue causing some tenants at facilities using Cloud Access Control to remain locked out after they have exited delinquency has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing some software users from renaming floors on the Facility Map has been resolved.

  • The issue preventing some users from being able to delete units has been resolved.






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