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What's New: 10/9/18

We've made some changes to your software, including improvements to move-in processing speeds in the Rental Center, changes to account codes for security deposit refunds at move-out, and an improved experience updating Tax Rates.

Rental Center

We’ve improved your software to make the move-in experience through the Rental Center faster and more efficient.

Retaining security deposits at move-out

In the past, any security deposit that you chose not to refund at your facility was automatically retained. Now, we've added the ability to choose to retain the security deposit, which assigns it as Other Income in your software rather than keeping it listed as a liability. This helps you keep better track of where your non-rent income is coming from. You can learn more about retaining security deposits at move-out by checking out our help article on move-outs.

Tax Rates

We've moved tax rates to the Corporate level of your software. This improves the experience of updating your tax rates in that you can add new tax types and apply them to multiple facilities at once or to a single facility all from one place. Read more about updating tax types and tax rates on our help site.


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