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What's New: 11/27/18

We've made some updates to your software and marketing websites. Updates include new retail search functionality, the ability to export leases, and repairs to known software and marketing website issues.


Lease export New!

We now have the ability to export all leases for your facility into one file upon request. This is useful in the event that you sell your facility or acquire a new facility that is using storEDGE. There is a fee for this service, and our support team can perform this function for you. Read more about exporting leases on our help site.

Retail Items

We've updated your software to make product codes searchable for retail items during a retail purchase. This includes retail purchases at move-in and transfer. To enable this feature, access your Software Settings in the Corporate section of your software and access your Billing Settings. You can turn on this setting per facility. 


You can read more about adding retail items and retail sales on our help site.


We’ve repaired the issue preventing payments that were received during a report period, but applied to charges due after the report period, from appearing on the Insurance Activity report. Now, all payments received during the report period will be included. You can read more about reports on our help site.


We've improved your software to ensure that security deposit payments that have been previously voided cannot be refunded to tenants at move-out.


The issue preventing Google Reviews from populating on marketing websites has been resolved.


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