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What's New: 12/4/2018

We've made some updates to your software and marketing websites, including new user permissions, a new report, and repairs to known issues. Read on to learn more about today's release!


New user permissions 

Managing existing tenant account types New!

We’ve added a new user permission that controls whether a user can edit account types for existing tenants. You can enable or disable this permission from your Corporate settings by selecting Roles, selecting Edit next to a role, and checking the box next to Manage account types on existing tenants in the Advanced Per-facility permissions section.

Applying discounts to retail items New!

We've added a user permission that controls whether a user can add discounts to retail items. To disable or enable this permission, edit a user's role and find Apply discounts to retail

Note: This permission is nested beneath Add ad hoc discounts and will not appear in your permissions unless Add ad hoc discounts is enabled.


Occupancy Summary report New!

We’ve added a new report to your software. The Occupancy Summary gives you an easy-to-read snapshot of occupancy at your facility for a chosen date range. This report includes a unit breakdown, which tells you your unit counts for all unit statuses (vacant, occupied, reserved, etc), summarizes your rental activity for the chosen date range, gives you occupancy percentages by unit, square foot and economic occupancy, offers unit type breakdown, and gives you rate information, including revenue amounts and rent per square footage.


This report can be exported as a PDF, Excel, or .csv file. You can learn more about reports on our help site.


The issue causing tenants who are renting more than one unit to remain in delinquency after overlock status has been removed has been resolved.

Marketing websites

The issue causing footers to scroll with the rest of the website content for marketing websites with only one section has been resolved. Footers will now stay at the bottom of the page. Learn more about how to edit your marketing website on our help site.



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