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What's New: 12 Days of storEDGE 2018


The holidays are here again, and we see it as a great time to give back to our customers! We enjoyed the 12 Days of storEDGE so much last year that we decided to do it again. Starting today, we'll be announcing a new software improvement or special offer each day for the next 11 days. These are improvements that our customers have asked for, so watch this space - you might just get exactly what you've been wanting!


1st Day of storEDGE: Facility map improvements

Who needs a partridge in a pear tree when you can have a more efficient facility map?! Not only have we enhanced the loading speed of your facility map to save you time, but we’ve added a useful new filter. Now, you can filter your facility map by Scheduled Move-outs. This gives you the ability to see at a glance which of your tenants are scheduled to move out soon, giving you a projected view of your facility’s occupancy. You can read more about managing your facility map and scheduling move-outs and transfers on our help site.


2nd Day of storEDGE: A new promo control

You asked for it - and we listened. If you’re using Advanced Promotions at your facility, you can now add Floor as a control for your promotions. This enables you to define specific promotions for units on certain floors of your property that can be displayed on your website or be administered at move-in.

You can learn more about promotions and advanced promotions on our help site.


3rd Day of storEDGE: Custom logout timing

Today's new feature helps you keep your facility data secure by allowing you to customize automatic logout timing. This user setting gives you a choice in how many minutes of inactivity in your software will prompt an automatic logout. This helps you keep your data secure by ensuring that your software logs you out when you’re away from your computer, keeping your data safe from prying eyes.


Read about how to customize logout timing on our help site.


4th Day of storEDGE: Cloud Access Control Enhancements

The 4th day of storEDGE is a real treat for facilities using Cloud Access Control! We have three new Cloud Access Control enhancements to offer today:

New gate access filter

We’ve added a filter to the History tab on the Tenant Page for gate access history. Now, you can see each time a tenant accessed or attempted to access your facility. Navigate to a tenant’s ledger, click the History tab, and find the Gate Access filter from the drop down.


Having access to a tenant’s gate access history gives you more insight into how often they’re visiting your facility. You’ll be able to more accurately predict move-outs (if they’re visiting more often than usual) and see which access points they are using the most. You’ll also be able to see when tenants are attempting to access your facility when they are locked out.

Ability to send gate codes to tenants via SMS

We’ve added the ability to send a tenant’s gate code to them in the event that they forget it. This allows you to provide them with the information they need in a way that ensures they’re able to retain it and have record of it for future reference. Read about how to send a tenant their gate code on our help site.

Key fobs and access cards

If you’d like to have key fobs or access cards that work with Cloud Access Control to use at your access points for your storage staff or your tenants, they are now available. Just contact us to order your access cards or key fobs by emailing cloudaccesscontrol@storedge.com. You can read more about pairing these access tools on our help site.


5th Day of storEDGE: Multi-month invoicing

Today’s improvement is new multi-month invoicing functionality. Some storage businesses find it useful to present tenants with an invoice that includes several months, or even an entire year. We’ve added a new, easy-to use multi-month invoicing tool on the Tenant Page, which allows you to invoice tenants for up to 24 months at once.


You can read about multi-month invoicing on our help site.

6th Day of storEDGE: New marketing website features

Is storEDGE your marketing website provider? Then today will be an exciting day! For the sixth day of storEDGE, we’ve added new icons that you can add to your marketing website.

Note: These icons are for use on our new, fully integrated website platform. To find out if this new feature applies to your current website platform with storEDGE, check out our guide.


You’ll notice three categories of storage icons that you can use on your website in the CTA section or amenities widgets. We’ve added more than 40 new icons, so you’re sure to find something perfect for representing your facility’s features! You can read more about adding icons to your website on our help site.

7th Day of storEDGE: New storage jokes

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

It’s storEDGE, silly! We’re here to provide you with some chuckles (and probably some groans). For the seventh day of storEDGE, we’ve added even more storage jokes to the software. Just hit Control + Shift + J on your keyboard, laugh, and repeat.


8th Day of storEDGE: New options for required fields

Today’s new feature helps you improve the way you track your lead sources. We’ve added new options for required fields to your software for lead sources that can be gathered at move-in. Making lead source a required field when adding a new lead will ensure that this information is gathered for each and every tenant at your facility, which gives you valuable insight into where your leads are coming from. This helps you make informed decisions about how to best spend your marketing dollars.

In addition to adding Lead Source as an option for a required field when saving a lead, we’ve also added Length of Stay. You can set these fields to be required for all leads or only for specific account types.


You can learn more about required fields on our help site.

9th Day of storEDGE: Free ebook

Have you ever considered purchasing another storage property? Even if you’ve purchased a facility before, there’s a lot to think about when planning on adding another location to your business. We’d like to help you prepare and navigate the ins and outs of acquiring another property. Today’s gift will help you do just that!

Our ebook, Acquisitions 101: How to properly request and take over all the assets of a self storage business will give you insight into how to take the most organized approach to acquiring an existing storage business, from transferring tenant data and taking over social media accounts to analyzing market analysis reports and profit and loss statements.


You can download Acquisitions 101 here for free - no email or login required. Enjoy!

10th Day of storEDGE: Usability improvements

It’s important to us that our software does everything you need it to do. We also want it to be easy for you to do the things you need to do with your software. So, for today’s gift, we’ve added two new improvements that make your software easier to use: improved unit search functionality and facility name browser tab titles.

Improved unit search

Every facility has a different way of naming their units - some facilities use numbers, some use letters, and some use both together. Searching for units labeled with letters wasn’t always easy to do in your software if you didn’t remember to use capital or lowercase letters in the exact way you setup your units in your software. With today’s update, we’ve improved your unit search functionality by making it non-case sensitive. The new functionality ensures that you can find the unit you’re looking for whether you use a capital letter, a lowercase letter, a hyphen, or a number in your search.


Facility name browser tab titles

If you have several storage facilities on storEDGE, you probably often have several browser tabs open to switch from facility to facility. We know it’s a pain to switch back and forth between tabs without knowing which facility is which when several are open at once. We wanted to make this easier, so we’ve added browser tab titles that include your facility names. Now you’ll know exactly which tab to click when you have several open at once!


Note: Keep in mind that how much text you can view on your tabs depends on which browser you are using and how many tabs you have open. With many tabs open, less text will show on the tab.

11th Day of storEDGE: Custom move-out and lead close reasons

Keeping track of the reasons that your tenants need self storage and why they no longer need it is valuable information to your business. It helps you plan ahead and understand your customer demographics better. Your software includes a default set of reasons that you can select when a tenant moves out, but we wanted to give you the ability to customize your move-out reasons for more detailed tracking. Additionally, we’ve added the ability to add custom lead close reasons to your software as well.

You can access your move-out reasons and lead close settings in your Corporate Software Settings.


You can read more about customizing your move-out and lead close reasons on our help site.


12th Day of storEDGE: Facility dashboard improvements

Your software’s dashboard is the hub of your business data. At a glance, you can see a range of details about your facility’s current leads, occupancy, tenants, and delinquency. For today’s release, we’ve improved the facility dashboard’s occupancy metrics.


Before, the occupancy graph gave you details about how many units you had of various sizes when hovering over sections of the pie graph. Now, the graph is much more useful, giving you a succinct view of which of your units are complimentary, occupied, reserved, unrentable, or vacant. Hovering over a section of the pie graph will give you more details about the occupancy category, telling you what percentage and how many of your units fall into that category, in addition to how much square footage falls into that occupancy category.


Below the graph, you’ll see a breakdown of how many units fall into each occupancy category. The order in which these occupancy categories appear is also a hierarchy:

  • Complimentary
  • Occupied
  • Reserved
  • Unrentable
  • Vacant

At times, some units fall into more than one category. For example, a unit can be both unrentable and vacant. In that case, it will be categorized as unrentable due to “unrentable” being higher in the occupancy category hierarchy than “vacant”.

Note: The occupancy percentage that appears in the pie graph excludes complimentary units. You'll notice that the occupancy percentage will now match what you see on the Management Summary and Occupancy Summary reports.

You can read about how occupancy is reported in your software on our help site.

That’s all for the 12 Days of storEDGE! I hope you enjoyed our software improvements as much as we enjoyed working on them. Happy Holidays! 


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