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What's New: 1/8/19

We've made some updates to your software, including a new report, the ability to export the General Ledger for import into Sage accounting software, and the ability to add title text to photos on marketing websites.

Software updates

Corporate reports

We've added a new report to your Corporate Reports. The Annual Revenue and Occupancy report includes information about the total number of move-ins, move-outs, and revenue a facility or group of facilities had for the current year and the past two years. You can run this report for all facilities or for a group of facilities.


If you click View in the Link column next to a facility's name, a new report will open with even more data for that facility. You'll see a breakdown of monthly revenue, quarterly revenue, and monthly move-ins and move-outs for that facility for the current year to date and the past three years.


You can access the report from your Corporate Reports tab under the Financial heading.

General Ledger

We've added the ability to export the General Ledger and General Ledger by Day reports for import into Sage 300 (formerly known as Timberline) accounting software. To export for Sage 300, just select Sage 300 from the dropdown menu before clicking Generate Report.


You can update the CSV file directly into your Sage 300 software.

Important Note: If you have more than one facility, you'll need to take action to ensure that the file you upload is assigned to the correct facility within Sage. To do this, add a store number to your Facility Info settings in the Corporate section of your software and in the appropriate area within Sage. Doing so will ensure that your data is imported to the correct file. You can read more about assigning a store number in your Facility Info on our help site.

Marketing website updates

We've added the ability to add title text to photos on marketing websites. You'll notice the title text field right below the alt text field when making changes to photos on your website. Entering relevant text in this field will help boost SEO by giving you a chance to add a keywords to your photo descriptions. Title text also serves as a caption for the photo when a website visitor hovers their cursor over the photo. You can read more about adding title text to photos on our website.

Note: This update is for users on our new, integrated website platform. If you are not sure what website platform you're using, please refer to this guide.



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