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Why did we change the Communication Tab?

On April 16, 2019, we made a big a change to the Communication Tab on the facility level of your software. We'll be removing the Forms tab and moving the functionality that is currently located there.


You probably have some questions about why we're doing this (hint: exciting new functionality is coming!), so read on and we'll fill you in.

What is changing?

The Forms tab will eventually be removed altogether. It will remain with links to remind you where its functionality will be relocated until you're more familiar with the changes:

  • You'll print batches of documents from the Print Batches tab.
  • You'll send Mail House documents from the Mail House tab (if you currently use this feature).
  • You'll print off blank documents from the new Templates tab.

Why is this changing?

We're making this change for several reasons. First, it made sense to add a tab specifically for templates to make viewing or printing off a blank document easier. Second, we wanted to make performing software functions more intuitive for you. For example, it makes sense that you'd print batches from a tab labeled as Print Batches. Third, and perhaps the most exciting, is that this change allows us to restructure some of our functionality to prepare for our upcoming mass email feature release. That's right! Soon, you'll be able to email all your tenants at once.

We expect that these changes will make using our software easier for all of our users. 

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble with the Communication tab's functionality. We're here to help! Just email us at support@storedge.com.


Still have questions?
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