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Managing leads and reservations from your website - for SiteLink users


This guide is intended for marketing website users who use SiteLink as their management software. If you do not use SiteLink as your software provider and you can't find what you're looking for, contact our support team for assistance.


SiteLink and storEDGE management software handle leads a bit differently. In storEDGE, leads are not connected to specific unit numbers. In SiteLink, leads are typically connected to a specific unit. Since all leads are attached to a specific unit in SiteLink, leads from your storEDGE marketing website will be handled a bit differently than what you may be used to. There are several ways that leads are gathered on your website:

  • Coupon form submissions (lead is transferred to SiteLink) - will be labeled as a web lead in SiteLink.
  • Contact form submissions (lead is transferred to SiteLink) - will be labeled as a web lead in SiteLink.
  • Marketing pop-up inquiries (lead is transferred to SiteLink) - custom lead source selection will be available when setting up the pop-up.
  • Calls (lead remains in storEDGE) - calls from your tracked number will live in the storEDGE platform on the facility level on the Communication tab.

These website elements gather a potential tenant’s information. For coupon, contact form, and pop-up inquiries, storEDGE attaches a non-existent unit number to the lead and passes it to SiteLink.

You can view your leads in the Lead to Lease section of SiteLink myHub in the Follow up & Reminders tab. Both leads and reservations from your website will appear in this section. You can view details by clicking the “...” button next to the lead or reservation.



Reservations are made from the units table on the facility page of your website. A reservation is gathered similarly to a lead. Reservations are passed directly to SiteLink attached to an existing unit number. They will appear in SiteLink myHub in the Lead to Lease section in the Follow up & Reminders tab and will be labeled as Reservation rather than Lead. The date the reservation was made will also be displayed.

To view the reservation, click the “” button to the far right.




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